Esther Vivas (Sabadell, 1975) is an activist in a variety of social movements in Barcelona. She has participated in antiglobalization campaigns, campaigns against external debt, in favour of food sovereignty and critical consumption, against climate change, and in various editions of the World Social Forum and the European Social Forum. She belongs to the editorial board of the magazine Viento Sur.

She is a member of the Centre of Studies about Social Movements (CEMS) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Her main research areas are the analysis of the social and environmental impacts of the dominant agro-industrial model, the alternatives to this model, as well as the study of social movements.

She is the author of En pie contra la deuda externa (“Standing up against external debt”) (El Viejo Topo, 2008), co-author, with Josep Maria Antentas, of Resistencias Globales . De Seattle a la crisis de Wall Street (“Global resistances. From Seattle to the Wall Street crisis”) (Ed. Popular, 2009), and co-author, with Xavier Montagut, of De el campo al plato. Los circuitos de producción y distribución de alimentos (“From the fields to the plate. Food production and distribution circuits”) (Icaria ed., 2009), Supermercados, no gracias. Grandes cadenas de distribución: impactos y alternativas (“Supermarkets, no thanks. Large distribution chains: impacts and alternatives”) (Icaria ed., 2007) and ¿Adónde va el comercio justo? (“Where is fair trade going?”) (Icaria ed., 2006).



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